Meet Monica Gautam, Managing Director of COMPASS Medical Affairs Consulting. Monica is a licensed pharmacist with over 20 years of diverse experience as a senior executive within the Biopharmaceutical industry and as a clinician within the Canadian health care system. Read More…


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We offer unique and tailored services focused on:


Develop functional and brand specific strategic plans that put you on a path to success.

  • Medical landscape assessments
  • Opinion leader identification and engagement plans
  • Product specific Medical Affairs plans aligned to brand strategies
  • Functional plans that establish strategic priorities
  • Organizational design proposals


Build competencies and performance standards that result in high performing teams.

  • Role specific competencies and training strategies
  • Coach leaders, individuals and teams to optimize performance
  • Performance metrics and reports
  • Insights presentations for cross functional partners
  • Tactical plan workshops to ensure exceptional execution
  • Interim Senior Management roles


Optimize processes to enhance your efficiency, productivity and value.

  • Evaluate processes to improve productivity including:
    • Recruiting, training, onboarding of talent
    • Brand and functional planning
    • Project and budget management
    • Design and use of technology
    • Review of promotional materials
    • Vendor performance evaluation and monitoring
  • Manage external vendors
  • Benchmark Medical Affairs maturity and impact

What is Medical Affairs?

COMPASS Medical AFFAIRS Consulting offers expertise and innovative solutions for the following areas:

Medical Communications

Medical Education

Medical Information & Safety

Medical Research

Medical Science Liaisons

Patient Support Programs

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Who do we serve?

Emerging Biopharmaceutical Companies

▸ We can help BUILD your company.

▸ We can provide assistance and support to evaluate the Canadian marketplace and/or establish your Medical presence.

Established Biopharmaceutical Companies

▸ We can help DEVELOP your company.

▸ We can provide assistance and support to enhance the capabilities, value and impact of your Medical Affairs team.

Biopharmaceutical Vendor Partners

▸ We can help OPTIMIZE your company.

▸ We can provide advice and insight to tailor your services or processes to best address your clients’ needs.