Meet Monica Gautam, Managing Director of COMPASS Medical Affairs Consulting. Monica is a licensed pharmacist with over 20 years of diverse experience as a senior executive within the Biopharmaceutical industry and as a clinician within the Canadian health care system. Read More…



Develop functional and brand specific strategic plans that put you on a path to success.


Build competencies and performance standards that result in high performing teams.


Optimize processes to enhance your efficiency, productivity and value.

Why COMPASS Medical Affairs Consulting?

Our experienced senior consultants provide reliable and superior strategic, analytical and operational services to identify and solve functional challenges with skill and impact. By providing this critical service, COMPASS Medical Affairs Consulting will deliver practical and enduring solutions to our clients, allowing them to realize their goals and make strides forward towards excellence.

Our Expertise

COMPASS Medical Affairs Consulting offers expert, flexible and creative solutions for emerging and established biopharmaceutical companies and their partners to enhance the efficiency, quality and impact of Medical Affairs teams. Our unique and tailored services focus on Strategy, People and Process.